Work, life, what balance

So at the moment I’m honestly struggling with managing work and pretty much staying awake for anything ever..

I’m so beyond done with my job and theyve bought in a new manager who I’m training despite being the assistant manager so this guy can’t do his job and they expect me to run the cafe even though he gets paid more than me.. thankfully on Tuesday I have a job trial in a different industry and if all goes well I can leave this shitty stupid job..

Anyway since I’ve last been on here we’ve been to Amsterdam and I still haven’t finished writing about Greece and I have been meaning to, I just have not had the energy to sit down and write, hopefully if I get this new job things will be better, no ridiculous early mornings and a proper sleep schedule.. Anyway, I’m honestly falling asleep and it’s not even 8pm 😦


So since I've been back from my holiday I've been pretty much sick and in bed for the last 5 days 😩 today is the first day that I've actually felt like a human and have been able to get up and do stuff like clean the bathroom and tidy the bedroom…
but do I have to go back to work tomorrow? Back to the soul sucking hell, I would rather be at home sick than in that place eughhhh help

I'll get back to posting about my holiday and my favourite places sooon!


How do I get out of hospitality and into a job that I find challenging and exciting and satisfying….

I've been working in cafes/restaurants since I was 15 and I'm at the point where I know everything, everything's the same, it doesn't matter what work place you go to the jobs they're the same. The work that's required and the amount of unpaid overtime and the never being able to escape, messages on weekends, phone calls on holidays, the shit from customers who can't seem to comprehend that you're a human as well..

It's so hard to get out of the hospitality bubble and into a different career once you're in. I put my degree on hold to come live in London, to experience something new, but I find myself not enjoying my life here as much as I would if I didn't have such a draining, exhausting job that pays less than the London living wage even though I'm the manager.

Anyway my little rant is over, just like I am of my job hahah


Unlike Ios I have so many photos from our afternoon in Santorini!

But before we get to Santorini, we left Ios and headed to a beautiful swim spot on the other side of Ios. The photo doesn't do it justice but it was honestly beautiful, like I said earlier something we wouldn't have seen without Greek skippers and if we'd done ferries the whole time.

The trip over from Ios to Santorini was rough and I spent the whole time feeling absolutely awful, the first time this trip I had been feeling sea sick… We had been pretty smart and bought along sea sickness tablets (grab them even if you don't think you'll get sea sick, better to be safe trust me) however the second lot we bought, the pharmacist gave us the natural ones which were pretty much just ginger tablets and they were no where near as effective as chemically formulated ones..
I was pretty lucky that we had some nurses on our boat who had bought long some anti-nausea tablets, which were honestly a life saver!
Coming into Santorini though it's absolutely beautiful This was our first glimpse at the island and you just got the feeling that this was a special place!

As you can kind of see from the above photo the docks where the boats were moved over night were quite a steep walk up to Oia and it was hot, about 30 degrees Celsius, however our skipper informed us that we could get donkeys up to the top!

Once we were in the village we decided to grab some lunch at literally the first place (a restaurant called Floga) we stumbled across, which was actually a really good idea because the food and the view were absolutely stunning!
I mean the presentation of the food was just incredible, the attention to detail, Lachy's seafood risotto even came with a shot of ouzo poured of dry ice.. I think we sat here for about an hour and a half just enjoying the view, the waiter even told us to just relax and not rush and just enjoy even after we had finished. Floga wasn't the cheapest place, I think for the whole lunch it ended up being about €70ish with a tip but again I was drinking a €14 glass of rosè (incredible and I wish I could remember the name) and it is Santorini which is just generally more expensive but we honestly had no issues with spending more money there, it was absolutely worth it!

We spent our afternoon in and out of shops just for the air conditioning, it was hot! We ended up having a few cocktails at this cocktail bar to just relax and cook down!
Once again the view was incredible, blue skies and and oceans. Our goal for the day was to find a place that would have an incredible view for the sunset..

We ended up finding a restaurant with such an amazing view, I have no idea what the name is and I should start taking notes of names so I can actually let you guys know…

We were lucky to have a table without anyone in front of us, but that also meant we were suddenly surrounded by people as the sun was setting, I guess that was to be expected though.
Everyone does say Santorini does have the best sunset in Greece, and I can definitely see why.

Ios – The Party Island

To begin with, as it would have it, I don't seem to have any photos of Ios – oops. I do however have a video of Lachy being hit over the head with a bat?

Anyone who knows me knows I'm the type of person who needs to be in bed by midnight, so in saying this in Ios I managed to make it until 3:30 before needing to hit the hay (go me!)

In Ios we hit up what we were told was a tapas place for dinner… the prices were certainly tapas price between 4-6€ for each plate, however the size of the meals were main meal size, they were huge! We ordered probably 6 plates and that was way too much! But the food was amazing and so cheap! Our whole bill came out to €41 including 1/2L of rosè for me and two beers for Lachy.. honestly felt like we were stealing and we ending up leaving like a €10 euro tip..

Hitting up the supermarket after dinner to get drinks for pre drinking on the yacht because despite it being like 1030 we weren't heading out until midnight – which as I said early is my usual go home time.. so after a few pre drinks and a few rounds of never have I ever (how else are you supposed to get to know people super quickly, if not knowing about the dirtiest things they've done) and a couple rounds of kings cup, we headed out to the silent disco club hush. As we were leaving everyone grabbed a roadie to drink on the way to the club – I however had decided that I'd had enough alcohol and grabbed a bottle of water which turned out to be everyone's saving grace.. if you have ever had to walk from the port up to the town in Ios you'll know how many stairs/ how steep it is and with Ios being the hottest island so far (around 30 degrees Celsius) water was definitely had by all.
Anyway back to hush, as it would seem our tour leader knew everyone and so we got in without paying entry and having to line up, total bonus! Having never been to a silent disco I wasn't sure what to expect but it was so much fun, there were three channels you could choose from but definitely enough variety there was something everyone would like! Added bonus is that when ordering from the bar you don't have to shout and it's totally quiet when you take the headphones off – except of course of the sounds of people singing or more like screaming lyrics which is hilarious because everyone's listening to different things!

After hush we headed out to another club, I can't remember what it was called and Lachy and I didn't stay there long wasn't really our vibe.. We ended up leaving to go look for this bar Lachy wanted to hit up called Slammer Bar.. you can pay for a shot and the opportunity to be hit over the head with something (wearing a helmet of course). I don't know but males are weird..
Anyway took us an hour to find this place after trekking around the streets with a gyros stop for obvious reasons! We ended up finding this place.. it was the club next to the club we had left just before.. which we would've seen in we walked the opposite way.. anyway since we were alone and not with the group we had to pay a €5 entry fee but that did get you a free shot which cost €5 inside anyway so not really an issue.. Lachy did mine since I was hitting the water pretty hard and then went and paid for another shot and to be hit over the head with a bat.. (insert video) like I said males, I'll never understand.

By this time I was definitely done and ready to get to bed (to be honest I was done at midnight but pushed through), Lachy is a bit more of a partier than me which is why I ended up going out to begin with and not just go to bed, but he also gets to a point where he's done and ready to go home, so I didn't have to drag him home, he was happy he had done the one thing he wanted to in Ios – get whacked over the head with a bat (I'll never understand) but that is the end of our Ios time..

I know there are so many places to go and we didn't really experience Ios the way it should be experienced but we did what we wanted and experienced it how we wanted to experience it..
Also definitely hit up the tapas place if you're ever there, it's called Banana (tree/leaf) I can't properly remember and neither can Lachy, but it's by the port on the side with the supermarket and definitely worth a visit!

Travel Tip!

Hey guys, just a quick little travel tip.
Sooo I essentially hate the leaving the airport part of travelling, I hate the lines, the waiting, pretty much I aim to get out as quick as possible, but as a visa holder on entry to the U.K every time I need to fill in a landing card which takes time and generally means you're going to be in a line behind other people especially in the huge airports like Heathrow. So what I ended up doing was taking a stack of landing cards and now I can pre fill them while I wait to board my flight or on the flight, which tends to make me feel like I'm saving time haha


Not the best photography but this is pretty much how we spent our first week here in Greece, living the yacht life on our Topdeck tour. I think the best thing about this tour was that each day we got a swim spot that if we weren't on our own yachts, with Greek skippers we wouldn't have gotten to see. Our first swim spot was about 2 hours out of Mykonos, the first thing I noticed about the oceans here were that even though the water was about 9m deep you could still see the bottom, ridiculously clear and salty enough that you can float with barely any effort.

Paros was the next stop, I wish we got more time on this island, the down side to this tour was we only got about half a day in each island (depending of course on sail times). It took us about 3 hours of sailing from the swim spot to get into Paros, having us arrive quite late in the afternoon, about 5pm.

We did a little bit of exploring on our own, seeing the church that was built in the 4th century, as you can see the sun wasn't in my favour and therefore the photos aren't amazing, so I apologise for that.

We also stumbled across this adorable little church? I'm not sure but I did realise throughout Greece that these are everywhere, I mean everywhere, look on a random hill top you'll see one, head past a what seems to be a deserted island you'll probably see one.
Now, it was time for dinner, which meant our walk happened to coincide with sunset..

Not complaining because the sunset was amazing, I don't think I have ever taken as many photos of the sunset as I have in Greece but they are simply amazing here, so prepare to see all of the sunset pictures.
Another sunsetish photo from our restaurant where we had dinner, Del kitchen, the food was amazingly good and very well priced – a lot cheaper than Mykonos!

That pretty much was the end of our Paros experience, next we were off to Ios (the partyyyy island)